Streetsville Eyecare

In Progress - 2023

The project aimed to reimagine a 50-year-old optical store in the heart of Streetsville Mississauga, a historic and vibrant community. The design concept is to embody the philosophies and behavior of the client, who has been serving the neighborhood with passion and professionalism for decades. The design integrates the physics of light and optics into a physical manifestation using the geometry of light refraction, shadow, and ambiance to shape and define the space. When one walks into Streetsville Eyecare, they are a ray of light entering the prism within the eye.

The dynamic geometric accent wall reflects the changing light and seasons, creating a visual attraction and inviting customers to enter the store. The spacious and bright interior showcases the products and services, using natural and artificial lighting, reflective Venetian plaster walls, and geometric patterns and forms. The existing displays were dismantled and reused to frame the new displays to reduce the carbon footprint and project costs. The reception desk was custom-made to not only adhere to the design but also act as an accent piece to draw customers and a comfortable space for the owner to experience her store. The parallel mirrors create an infinity effect to establish a metaphysical realm where the eyeglasses the customers choose will reflect a piece of themself infinitely. The geometric prismatic baffles offer acoustic enhancement and create shadows on the glossy porcelain floors to soften the space and provide visual program cues. A cozy and comfortable seating area encourages customers to interact with the owner, using warm and soft colors, textures, and furniture. A functional and efficient layout optimizes the workflow and customer experience, using clear and logical wayfinding visual cues with red and silver accents to draw customers to the displays and the owner; the main selling feature. The integrated cabinetry under the displays allows for additional inventory accessibility to keep the customer and owner connected, enhancing their relationship.

The result is a modern and innovative optical store that reflects the philosophies of the client and reinvigorates the community. Streetsville Eyecare is not a retail store, but a vision care clinic so the customer experience was the main objective of this project. With new life breathed into Streetsville Eyecare, new clients will emerge and current clients will continue to return, ultimately increasing the store and the client's success.

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white concrete building wall
white concrete building wall